You Bought Pardot. So Now What?

You caught the marketing automation bug.  You’re on board with the exciting opportunities to increase the efficiency of your team, laser target your communications, and share your message with the world.

You pulled the trigger and bought Pardot. 

If you find yourself thinking “okay, now what?” and feeling a bit daunted – you’re not alone.

The Danger of “We Can Do That Too!” in Project Management

Ask any business owner about sales, and they’ll tell you they want more of them.  But getting the right sales is just as important.

When a prospect presents a new challenge or requirement that we haven’t dealt with before, it’s tempting to jump in with “sure, we can do that!”

We’re all guilty of it.  We see the prospect has a need.  We know we can help, and we want to.  But this is a trap.

CASE STUDY: How INAP Leveraged Pardot for a 118% Increase in Form Submissions

Our clients are awesome, and they build amazing things on the Salesforce platform.  Fair warning: we reserve the right to brag on them from time to time.

One of the clients we are most proud to have worked with is INAP, a national internet infrastructure provider who generated triple-digit improvements to its marketing program using the Salesforce platform.  They embarked on this project looking to streamline processes and workflow to ensure that they were getting the greatest possible return on their Salesforce investment.  

Project Profitability: Do You Know Which Clients Actually Make You Money?


We’re all striving to run organizations that consistently deliver profitable projects and products.  But do you truly know which clients are most effective in boosting the bottom line?

This information is critical, both pre and post-sale.  Knowing what’s most profitable should drive sales priorities and inform how aggressive your reps can be with negotiating competitive pricing. 

Join Us at This Year's Southeast Dreamin'!

The Southeast's premiere Salesforce event is right around the corner.  March 30-31st, nearly 500 Salesforce administrators, end users, and executive champions will flock to Atlanta for Southeast Dreamin', hoping to gain key insights on how to maximize their success on the Salesforce platform.

What we love about the event is that it is created by users, for users.  The learning and networking that takes place when organization share their "in the trenches" stories can't be beat.

Spring ’17 Product Updates to the Configero Grid

The Configero Grid is now better than ever – and equipped with an exciting new User Interface that makes the app faster, easier to use, and matches the improved Lightning design styles in Salesforce. 

Whether you’re an existing customer or new to the Grid, you won’t want to miss this!

About the Configero Grid

If you’re unfamiliar the Grid, here’s the elevator pitch:


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