Configero Recognized by Salesforce for Forecasting Specialization

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We’re excited to announce that Configero has earned the Forecasting Specialist designation in Salesforce’s Fullforce Masters Program!  With an explosion of consultants in the ecosystem, the Fullforce Masters Program recognizes the most seasoned firms with a track record of successful projects -- validated by a survey administered directly by Salesforce.

By providing an objective measure of partners’ strongest capabilities, customers can be confident in who they choose to help them accelerate success on the Salesforce platform.

An Airing of Grievances: 17 Complaints About Forecasting

Sometimes you need to just let it all out… and forecasting is one of those things we see LOT of frustration with. 

Need some cheese with that whine?  We won’t tell.  In fact, we’ll chime in. 

Some of the most frequent gripes we hear about forecasting are...

1) It’s so damn time consuming.

2) I have to chase my reps to update the forecast every month by the deadline.

What’s the Difference Between Forecasting & Pipeline Management?

apples and oranges

Forecasting and pipeline management are two terms that are sometimes thrown around interchangeably.  But they’re two distinct disciplines – and a high performing sales organization needs both.

A Definition of Pipeline Management

Pipeline management can be described as: “the management and assessment of all sales opportunities as they progress through a multi-step sales cycle to a successful close.” 

Configero Recognized on Owler's 2017 Top Rated CEOs List

We're excited to announce that Configero's CEO Jody Hamlett has been named one of the top CEOs in Atlanta by Owler.  

Awardees are chosen according to ratings by the Owler Community, which is comprised of over 1 million active business professionals across a broad range of industries and roles. This year alone, Owler Community members (including employees, followers, competitors, and general Owler users) have contributed over a quarter million CEO ratings.

The 4 Question Test to Uncover Your Next Pardot Project

The possibilities for building automated campaigns in Pardot are virtually endless.  So where do you start in your quest to build marketing and sales efficiency? 

I’d suggest you begin with these four questions:

1. What processes does your team actually add value to?

 There are some tasks your marketing and sales reps do better than anyone else, where they bring tremendous domain knowledge and expertise to the table. Other tasks…. not so much. 

Thrashing: The Ultimate Project Killer

Software projects are notorious for going over time and over budget.  Why?  Sneakily undermining our success, thrashing can be the Ultimate Project Killer. 

What’s thrashing?  Thrashing is changing things on a project… and timing is everything.  Done early, thrashing helps you get to the best possible final product.  But if it’s too late in the game, you will see costs and timelines skyrocket at the expense of your ability to get things done.


How Salesforce Divisions Can Break Down Silos in Your Organization


That’s not a typo -- the powerful (but underutilized) feature know as Salesforce Divisions can actually help break down silos within your company!  

Read on to learn more about the capabilities of Salesforce Divisions and how you could leverage this to improvement your team alignment.

Salesforce Divisions: A Definition

Divisions have been around since the Winter ’05 release, but I’m always surprised to find that many people don’t know that this feature is available.

5 Signs Your Service Delivery Processes Won’t Scale

Working on your business, not just in it, is the challenge for leaders in every organization, every industry, every size of company.

Clients are demanding, sales is always on – but to scale, you need the systems and processes in place to support efficient operations and delivery.  This is even tougher when you’re in growth mode and on a winning sales streak.

Ignore delivery processes and systems at your own peril. Eventually, weakness and inefficiencies will compound, leaving you with emaciated profit margins, grumbling customers and quality issues. 


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