Business Process Review

Configero understands the roadmap to better business efficiencies often starts with a clear understanding of the current business situation.  Through a comprehensive Business Process Review offering, Configero works with you to analyze the inner workings of your organization - from people to technology. 

Configero's Business Process Reviews include:

  • Business process summary and scope review
  • Current system findings and discoveries
  • BPR recommendations and solution roadmap
  • Deployment plan and cost-benefit analysis

This review provides an enterprise-level view of your company's strengths and weaknesses and delivers potential solutions to streamline operations and enhance business performance. For your convenience, BPRs are delivered either virtually or on-site with your team. 

Are you ready for a business process management change? 

Ensure that your organization has the following conditions in place before implementing business process management change:

  • Focus on improving business performance
  • Willingness to review established practices and change them
  • Ready to accept continuous change now and into the future
  • Ability to see beyond individual functions to the broader cross-departmental, customer focused view
  • Willingness to adopt an acceptance of process modeling, analysis and refined performance metrics

(Gartner, 2010, Business Process Management Program Key Initiatives Overview for CIOs)

To learn more about Configero's Business Process Reviews, or to get started, please contact us.