Recording & Slide Deck from the April 2017 Meeting

“Can you export this to Excel?” Those words are nails on a chalkboard to a Salesforce admin – and a sign that your adoption needs a boost.

That’s why we built the Configero Grid, an Excel-like overlay for Salesforce that extends the power of the platform by reducing the time and effort needed to manage data. It eliminates excess scrolling and page loads required to display new records – making it a powerhouse sidekick for admins and an adoption tool for users who prefer manipulating data in Excel.

This session will outline some native functionality that poses a barrier to user adoption and how to re-configure your interface to mirror the spreadsheet features your users will love.

Highlighted uses cases include:

  • Next-level pipeline management
  • Custom forecasting processes
  • Call center & support efficiency
  • Code-free integrations with 3rd party systems