miniGRID for Salesforce gives users the power to dynamically search, filter and update thousands of records on Related Lists in native Salesforce Page Layouts.

Now, instead of scrolling through page views of 200 related records at a time or manually updating records one by one, you can quickly pull up bulk related records by multiple fields and execute actions across up to 50,000 records at a time!

Product Features:

  • 100% native application
  • User-driven customization for searches and displays
  • 100% enforcement of existing Security Model
  • Supports record type, dependent and multi-select pick lists
  • Exceeds native column limits and default record visibility
  • Dynamic multi-column filtering
  • In-line & mass editing capabilities
  • One-click multi-record business process automation
  • Column aggregation functions
  • Chatter collaboration
  • Export to CSV

With the Configero miniGRID, a System Administrator can create a single global Account Page Layout for the Account only that can include Account Sections and Account Field-Level Security as needed, but would not include any Related Lists.

Instead, the Account Page Layout would implement the Configero miniGRID to allow End-Users the customization and flexibility that each individual needs on any Related List. 

The Configero miniGRID for Salesforce is highly intuitive, and its functionality applies to any object accessed through our Grids including data updates made via the Configero Data Loader for Salesforce, Configero’s Grid Application and Configero’s PSA App for Project Management.

Customize the Uncustomizable!

With Configero’s miniGRID for Salesforce, End-Users can now customize such miniGRID Related Lists as Tasks, Events, Notes or Attachments, all of which are historically uncustomizable in Related Lists, even by a System Administrator.