The future of sales and CRM

When Salesforce introduced the Lightning Experience, they developed more than just a new UI...they delivered a completely new way to sell. But leaving Salesforce Classic behind can be initimading for customers who gotten used to the classic platform. Configero can help prepare your organization for a seamless transition to the new Salesforce Lightning user experience with minimal disruption to your operations and a smooth switch for your users so they get even more out of your CRM.

Configero offers a proven process for migrating Salesforce customers to the Lightning experience to ensure that their technology environments and users are transitioned properly to the new platform. Services include:

  • Preparing your Salesforce instance for the switch -- and knowing when the time is right to launch
  • User training and readiness to introduce teams to the new features and functionality available to them
  • Customizing analytics and dashboards to take advantage of new and improved reporting capabilities
  • Building a roadmap to adopt new features of Lightning including the Design System, App Builder and Lightning Components

Once we have successfully transitioned your organization over to the Lightning experience, you will be able to accelerate adoption and value for every Salesforce end user in your organization.


Let Configero help you build what's next. Share a few details about your vision on and one of our CRM experts will get back to you with some ideas about the possibilities of the world's most trusted platform.