Are you Ready for a Business Process Management Change?

Configero understands the roadmap to better business efficiencies often starts with a clear analysis of the current business situation.  Through a comprehensive Business Process Review offering, Configero works with you to analyze the inner workings of your organization - from people to technology – to determine the steps you need to take to align Salesforce with your environment, priorities, and goals.

Business Process Review

This review provides an in-depth analysis of your company's strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential solutions to streamline operations and system performance for improvement. For your convenience, BPRs are delivered either virtually or on-site with your team.

  • Business process summary and scope review
  • Principal consultant engaged for business process reviews, including discovery interviews with admins, users, department stakeholders and executives
  • In-depth assessment of strategic challenges and opportunities across organization
  • Current system findings and discoveries
  • Process recommendations and best practices
  • Onsite or virtual presentation of CRM Roadmap Report to executives
  • Deployment priorities and cost-benefit analysis
  • Actionable multi-phase strategy and ROI timeline with business benefit vs. effort and cost analysis

Who would benefit from a Business Process Review?

Companies who get the most value from this process are:

  • Focused on improving business performance
  • Willing to review established practices and change them
  • Ready to accept continuous change now and into the future
  • Able to see beyond individual functions to the broader cross-departmental, customer focused view
  • Looking for a deepening understanding of process modeling, analysis and performance metrics

Business Process Review - What We Deliver

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Download the Datasheet

Find out more about our Business Process Review offering, including the specific steps we take with you and your team to ensure a meaningful output detailing how you can get the most impact by focusing on the highest priority areas and leveraging our best practice framework for successful execution.


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