moving from classic to SALESFORCE lightning

Salesforce has dubbed its Lightning Experience, “The Future of CRM,” with the promise of improving your user experience, boosting your productivity, optimizing your operations, and building apps at lightning speed. It’s no wonder you’re excited about making the switch. But you may be wondering exactly what it will take to successfully turn on the Salesforce Lightning experience for your company.

Before you dive headfirst into making the transition, it’s important to invest your time upfront by creating a robust, actionable plan. If you’re unsure of where to start, we can be your consultant.

Tackling a Lightning evaluation and migration alone can be overwhelming and complex. However, upgrading to Salesforce Lightning doesn’t have to be painful. As a top-ranked Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner and consultant, Configero offers a comprehensive assessment to support a smooth transition from Classic to Lightning, which includes:

  • A detailed analysis of the features and functionality enabled in your Salesforce org as they relate to Lightning compatibility
  • Key considerations and critical items that are typically left out of Lightning readiness assessments which can lead to significant performance issues
  • A detailed document that serves as the foundation for an effective transition and migration project with next-step guidance for further investigation
  • An informed estimate of the time, budget and resources needed to ensure a successful, painless transition for your organization

After an initial assessment, Configero's Lightning experts conduct a deeper dive before executing the launch to ensure accelerated adoption and value for your company's users:

  • Building a roadmap to adopt new features of Lightning including the Design System, App Builder and Lightning Components
  • Customizing analytics and dashboards to take advantage of new and improved reporting capabilities
  • User training and readiness to introduce teams to the new features and functionality available to them

Configero’s Lightning Transition Assessment is the fastest and most cost-effective solution on the market, delivering a wealth of value and insight to Salesforce users looking to make the switch to Lightning.

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Find out more about Configero's affordable Salesforce Lightning Assessment model, which delivers accurate time, budget and resource estimates for making the transition from Classic to Lightning in your unique org.


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