capitalizing on your data

One of the many advantages of is its open platform, enabling customers to connect to other existing tools and front and back-office applications, from ERP to accounting to business intelligence systems. With deep expertise on the Salesforce platform and success with even the most complex data requirements, our Configero consultants leverage proven best practices to deliver seamless migration and conversion services with Salesforce.

SALESFORCE Data Migration & Conversion Services

  • Automate complex business processes
  • Save time & find efficiencies
  • Connect, integrate, and streamline systems
  • Provide a world-class user experience on any device
  • Transform your business through apps

Time for a clean up?

A Configero Data Quality Assessment contains:

  • A comprehensive review of your existing data
  • An analysis and data quality report
  • Lead and contact scenarios for master record identification
  • Exact proportion of bad data to total data
  • Data quality control solutions to cleanse and maintain health of data

Our Data Quality Assessment is designed to measure and analyze the validity of your existing data. Our expert consultants will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your data, a data quality score, and a proactive solution that will improve and maintain the quality of your data.

Download the Datasheet

Discover the immediate benefits of our expert data quality assessment offering, which analyzes the accuracy and completeness of the information in your CRM and delivers actionable guidance on how to clean and maintain data on an ongoing basis.


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