“Build and they will come”

- said no Salesforce admin, ever.

A successful implementation of Salesforce is just the beginning. The most successful companies using Salesforce have strong governance and a focus on end-user adoption. Having a clear vision and plan for what is to be achieved, monitoring user adoption, soliciting feedback and having a continuous process improvement strategy are the key ingredients for long-term success. Managing growth, getting buy-in and engagement, and training users are all ongoing tasks that are crucial for success.

We provide flexible and comprehensive governance, adoption, and Salesforce training programs designed to get your organization up-to-speed and engaged with the platform. We partner with you to ensure all of your end-users and administrators understand the what, how, and why of your Salesforce deployment.

Governance & Administration

Establishing a well-defined governance and change management plan ensures that corporate objectives are being met, and that key stakeholders and end-users have an easy-to-use, productive application and a framework for continuous process improvement.

  • Organization-wide administration strategy
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Change management processes
  • Functionality roadmap
  • Enhancements and incremental releases
  • Measuring and monitoring user adoption

SALESFORCE Training & Onboarding

Because we're committed to getting you on the right road to CRM results, we offer more than just out-of-the-box training services. We provide flexible and comprehensive training programs that are customized to meet your team's unique business challenges and needs. To this end, we partner with you to develop a Salesforce training program that will ensure all of your end-users and administrators are fully adopted to your CRM solution.

To enable a successful training rollout, Configero's training methodology is designed to ensure that all aspects of training are managed:

  • Phase I: Analysis
  • Phase II: Design
  • Phase III: Develop
  • Phase IV: Implement
  • Phase V: Evaluate


Soliciting feedback from end-users is important to address issues that are hindering productivity, but also an opportunity to leverage real world feedback to improve the end-user experience.

  • Adoption audits
  • Employee onboarding programs
  • Ongoing consultation & end user support
  • Creating, publishing and documenting results from user surveys
  • Implementation of a system to solicit and manage enhancement requests
  • Program communications – newsletters, update notices


Let Configero help you build what's next. Share a few details about your vision on Salesforce.com and one of our CRM experts will get back to you with some ideas about the possibilities of the world's most trusted platform.

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