The platform is an amazing tool for sales effectiveness -- but technology is only part of the equation. Through a comprehensive assessment, Configero works with you to analyze the inner workings of your sales organization from people, to technology, and everything in between to ensure successful sales process development and improvement.

We will help you document and streamline sales processes, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead assignment
  • Sales path & opportunity stages
  • Approval workflows
  • Notifications & tools needed for deal collaboration
  • Forecasting
  • Territory assignment
  • Opportunity close out & service hand off

Have external processes or systems that you need to connect with? One of the many advantages of is its open platform, enabling customers to connect to other existing tools and front and back-office applications, from ERP to accounting to business intelligence systems and more.

With deep expertise on the Salesforce platform and success with even the most complex data requirements, Configero delivers seamless sales process development and improvement with Salesforce.


Let Configero help you build what's next. Share a few details about your vision on and one of our CRM experts will get back to you with some ideas about the possibilities of the world's most trusted platform.

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