The manufacturing industry is going through a radical transformation, with cloud-based technology at the front and center of these changes. Manufacturing software from Salesforce is ushering in a new industrial solution, driven by innovative means of connectivity, and Configero is a trusted partner with deep expertise in customizing the CRM platform for the unique needs of the manufacturing 4.0 organization.

Modern manufacturing

We partner with manufacturing firms to build solutions within Salesforce for manufacturing that enable you to:

  • Create self-service portals to track orders or service and technical support requests.
  • Ensure compliance with security and audit requirements.
  • Shorter lead times with automated proposal & quote process.
  • Integrate with ERPs and other 3rd party systems.
  • Achieve shorter lead times with automated proposal & quote process.
  • Forecasting & demand planning.
  • Centralize knowledge to train and educate the next generation of workers.
  • Position your business to leverage innovations in IoT.

With the manufacturing landscape changing faster than ever before, traditional client-server solutions limit your ability to be agile and adapt.  We help you build the cloud-based, CRM technology solutions you need to stay ahead and drive growth.

Trusted by world-class manufacturing organizations across the globe...

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