BioConfirm Laboratories offers a comprehensive prescription monitoring solution consisting of counseling services, dynamic reports, mobile patient risk assessment and interpretation tools which are all combined with a world-class laboratory.

Company Size

30 Employees


Duluth, GA

Willian Tres 02

Enhanced Sales Operations & Client Service on Sales Cloud

The Challenge

  • BioConfirm wanted to leverage the Salesforce platform to improve and automate their internal sales and marketing processes.
  • BioConfirm wanted a more efficient sales experience by centralizing all relevant customer data in a single platform easily accessible by all sales personnel.
  • BioConfirm wanted to implement a secure, single source for managing customer contact, scheduling follow-up and stages of activity to business closed.
  • BioConfirm wanted to ensure accurate Account data flows between Sales Cloud and Telcor.
  • BioConfirm wanted marketing collateral frequently sent to customers readily available in a centralized repository.
  • BioConfirm wanted to track inbound customer calls related to Lab issues and billing to ensure prompt resolution.
  • BioConfirm wanted to track (by S/N) their tablets, printers & workstations out at a clients site to ensure return when the business relationship ends.

The Solution

  • Implemented new instance of Salesforce and Sales Cloud, migrating scrubbed data from various sources.
  • Utilize orders to house integrated order/billing information from an internal SQL data warehouse that consolidates information from Telcor and other sources. The integration is a twice daily, one way sync utilizing Microsoft SSIS.
  • Automate account health ratings based on the average accession to reporting time of specimens, average turn around time over a rolling 2 weeks, number of orders compared to average.
  • Configured security, role hierarchies, profiles and users to allow access restrictions as needed.
  • Created custom reports and dashboards to enable visibility.
  • Configured Marketing Campaigns to support List management and collateral distribution.
  • Configured Case Management
  • Configured Asset tracking & notifications to reps if assets remain outstanding

The Results

  • BioConfirm has a new CRM instance of Salesforce to provide operational control and visibility for both the Sales team and executives
  • BioConfirm now has improved collaboration and better visibility to information residing on multiple systems
  • Sales can now detect changes in order patters an turn around times and act on them to prevent client loss.
  • All email, visits and other interactions are tracked to improve accountability and to understand what it truly takes to close and maintain business.
  • BioConfirm is able to utilize cases to ensure all client complaints are addressed and resolved in a timely manner.
  • BioConfirm now has visibility to their assets in the field and can track the timely assignment & return of equipment