Financial Services


For over 30 years, DataScan’s expertise has spanned 50 clients, more than $80B of loan collateral in their systems, and over 225,000 audits conducted per year. DataScan is a subsidiary of JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

Company Size

375 Employees


Alpharetta, GA


Turbocharged adoption & process optimization in Sales Cloud

The Challenge

  • DataScan had an existing Salesforce org through their parent company that was not being heavily utilized.
  • Information was outdated & inconsistent.
  • DataScan needed to capture relevant information on leads, opportunities & completed deals (programs)
  • Each Program had specific “Obligations” that must be delivered to the client. These had to be identified, documented and then tracked via a Contract Management tool. They had identified Aruvio as the likely choice for that tool.
  • DataScan wanted to leverage best practices and native Salesforce functionality for sales process visibility, pipeline management, forecasting and reporting needs

The Solution

  • Implemented new instance of Sales Cloud & migrated scrubbed client list
  • Created custom objects for program & contract obligations
  • Facilitated mapping of account, program & obligation info into Aruvio.
  • Configured a “Health Status” function for Accounts that rolls up from the program level to provide an overall status across all activities/interactions.
  • Set up Approval Processes for Proposals and Contracts.
  • Installed OrgChartPlus, Synoptic & SurveyForce apps for dynamic organizational mapping & marketing initiatives
  • Configured security, role hierarchies, profiles and users.
  • Created custom reports & dashboards to enable visibility.
  • Coordinated integration of Salesforce to Gmail via CirrusInsight.

The Results

  • New instance of Sales Cloud provides operational control and visibility for all departments, particularly into sales/approval processes, hierarchies and contract obligations.
  • Client now has improved collaboration and information sharing of data between sales teams, accounting and Compliance.
  • Sales can now document all Obligations associated with Programs for seamless loading into Aruvio’s Contract Management tool for Compliance.
  • DataScan has visibility into Account Health across all activities and sales teams.
  • All emails and other tasks are automatically associated to Accounts in Salesforce via integration with Gmail by CirrusInsight.