INAP is an Internet infrastructure provider that offers cloud hosting, colocation, Internet Protocol (IP) services, data center and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services.

Company Size

700 Employees


Atlanta, GA

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Leveraging Pardot for Streamlined & Efficient Marketing Automation

The Challenge

  • INAP was reorganizing its sales team and needed the system to support its new organizational structure
  • INAP, like many customers, had a legacy system that included outdated content assets, duplicated material, and unnecessarily complex processes
  • INAP was looking to optimize their Salesforce integration, including determining which way data should flow, managing an opt-in process, and protecting data from being overwritten
  • Campaign ROI reporting was difficult due to inconsistent Lead Source & Campaign Influence Tracking
  • Legacy processes and system changes had not been documented well, causing challenges and confusion

The Solution

  • Configero worked with INAP to audit and document current state sales and marketing processes
  • Implemented Pardot and completed set-up and integration with Salesforce
  • Developed and documented process for capturing Lead Source and maintaining data integrity
  • Enabled Campaign Influence reporting to facilitate multi-touch attribution
  • Built process to facilitate lead assignment (based on new sales team structure) and ensure all form fills are followed up on
  • Added prospect activity notifications to alert sales of form submissions

The Results

  • Streamlined email and layout templates, reducing the number of versions by 70%
  • Since implementing the new Pardot platform, INAP has seen a 118% YOY average increase in form fills
  • INAP now has a technology & process roadmap in place outlining priorities for the next 5 quarters
  • Campaign influence & lead source are consistently tracked & synced between Pardot & Salesforce
  • New dashboards & reports have improved team’s ability to demonstrate ROI of marketing efforts
  • Clear process documentation and train-the-trainer sessions have empowered INAP to manage future changes leveraging internal resources

Configero was the perfect partner for our Pardot implementation. They provided experience from the Pardot side and the Salesforce side… a technical perspective and a marketing user perspective. This was a tremendous value add!