jasper cloud products


Construction, Roofing


Jasper Contractors is a roofing contracting company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with branches in Lake Mary, Fl, Lakeland, FL, Melbourne, FL,  Naples, FL, Orlando, FL and Tampa, FL.

Company Size

100 Employees


Atlanta, GA


Raising the Roof Business on Salesforce

The Challenge

  • Duplicate work from disconnected systems
  • Using Excel, FileTrac™ and NetSuite
  • Expensive NetSuite licenses
  • Required for all users to view balances & transactions
  • No workflow engine for task assignment
  • Difficulty recording, sorting & viewing notes
  • Lack of security, high turn over, no way to control contact and lead list info
  • No management visibility into lead cycles
  • Not capturing or tracking leads
  • Inefficient, manual contract process
  • No in-field connectivity

The Solution

  • Automated lead assignment, tracking & approvals
  • Integration with NetSuite Suite Cloud accounting system automates SOW, PO, will-call order, documentation and approval workflow
  • Cases for warranty claims provides ability to mass void warranties based on region (i.e. recent storm)
  • Tasks/automation/flows and reminders to assure on-time projects
  • Mobile enablement for field account managers with Salesforce 1 via iPads
  • DocuSign to streamline contract process

The Results

  • Enhanced security for leads and opportunities
  • Full executive visibility into lead management, approvals and controls
  • Reduction in cost of Net Suite licenses
  • Real-time metrics and dashboards
  • Enable better business planning and decision making
  • Sales teams have quicker access to key business metrics through advanced analytics and mobile capabilities
  • On-the-go access to orders, invoices and journal entries
  • Contract approval time reduced
  • Increased efficiency for key activities like inspection status updates