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New Energy Group is an enterprise solutions provider specializing in SAAS digital marketing, sales enablement and customer service applications. New Energy Group also provides a full suite of technology consulting services to help their customers improve operations and customer satisfaction.

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450 Employees


Italy & Spain

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Improved Revenue Forecasting & Advanced Project Management in Salesforce

The Challenge

  • New Energy’s Enterprise Solutions Group was experiencing operational challenges in delivery of professional services due to use of spreadsheets other disconnected applications.
  • Lacking visibility into resource capacity and availability made project staffing difficult and led to project delays due to over-scheduled resource assignments.
  • Sales reps had difficulty creating profitable quotes and honoring customer commitments for project start date.
  • Lack of communication between team members led to mistakes, confusion and rework.
  • Manual processes increased operational costs and led to delayed customer billing.
  • Management lacked visibility into the operational and financial health of the business.

The Solution

  • Implemented Project Pulse, which provided a complete professional services solution supporting Sales, Service Delivery, Financials and Billing.
  • Project Pulse was customized extensively for New Energy’s unique requirements. We created a custom revenue model which combined the benefits of fixed price contracts with progressive billing.
  • To support advanced resource forecasting capabilities, we implemented real-time capacity calculations that enabled management fine-grained visibility into resource forecasting and customized our resource utilization views to provide additional flexibility to support project staffing.
  • Configero developed custom functionality to support New Energy’s unique requirements for revenue splitting among related Opportunities.

The Results

  • New Energy achieved its goal of eliminating application silos, streamlining, integrating and automating key business processes across Sales, Service Delivery, Financials, Billing & Support
  • Automation of manual processes related to project creation, billing and financial operations has dramatically increased operational efficiency and eliminated errors and rework.
  • The professional services team has a state-of-the-art solution that empowers their project managers and staff to focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Executives have real-time enterprise visibility into the operational and financial health of the business allowing management decisions to made with confidence.
  • Quality of customer services has greatly improved and project teams now work in a collaborative manner.