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Source Medical Solutions, Inc. is the largest provider of Ambulatory Surgery Center software and therapy software. In addition, it provides billing services for ambulatory surgery centers, specialty hospitals, and rehabilitation clinics.

Company Size

350 Employees


Birmingham, AL

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Double digit improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction with Service Cloud & Customer Community

The Challenge

  • Source Medical was utilizing a legacy PivotalCRM system that was over-customized and out-of-date.
  • Changes in regulations and disease classification codes (ICD-10) caused spikes in call volume, and the existing system was unable to anticipate and respond to this risk.
  • Fluctuations in call volume impacted customer response time for therapy & surgery client services team.
  • Lack of visibility into sales and implementation pipeline resulted inefficient operational scheduling.
  • Source Medical was unable to accurately recognize revenue and forecast for new projects.

The Solution

  • Configero worked with Source Medical to replace Pivotal with Service Cloud, Knowledge and Live Agent
  • Using the Salesforce platform, Source Medical was able to automate and significantly streamline workflows and processes
  • Source Medial implemented a Customer Community that provides an improved customer experience and centralizes knowledge in order to reduce call volume
  • Implemented technical framework and foundation to support decommissioning Pivotal CRM, including the migration of several hundred entities

The Results

  • Source Medical is leveraging the platform to service clients of their Therapy and Surgery solutions through 2 call centers. There are approximately 75 call center individuals in both support centers for a total support representatives of 150.
  • Source Medical successfully decommissioned Pivotal and cut CRM maintenance costs by 50%
  • Increased client service productivity by 25%
  • Improved customer response times by 10-20%
  • Improved customer satisfaction rate by 30%
Increase in client service productivity
Improvement in CSAT rate
Improved customer response times