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Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. is a fully integrated, broad-based entertainment company and a global leader in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of all forms of entertainment and their related businesses.

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7,700 Employees


Burbank, CA

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Warner Brothers Simplifies Highly Manual Data Management Processes

The Challenge

  • Warner Brothers had lots of media in multiple channels and formats around the globe – and storing this massive amount of data was difficult.
  • Managing and editing the release plans for their content (hundreds of thousands of records) was incredibly time consuming
  • Pricing for content release was a heavy manual process tied to date, format, channel, market & other factors
  • WB considered building a solution in-house with a cost of several hundred thousand dollars & 6-9 month timeline.

The Solution

  • Configero recommended the leveraging the Grid and miniGrid product to view and edit their data more efficiently.
  • The miniGrid was put in place to surface data at the record level in a meaningful way, alleviating some the manual pricing efforts
  • The Grid was put in place to support and streamline their world-wide marketing efforts and increase visibility into their media usage with reports and dashboards.

The Results

  • Solution was deployed in 3 weeks for under $25,000.
  • Through the intuitive Grid and miniGrid, the manual efforts required for the pricing of media is drastically cut
  • The visibility that WB has with its media has increased their speed with marketing plans and management
  • Our solution has given WB unprecedented access to all of their metrics of the media that they own and distribute
  • WB has since increased licenses to another 280 users leveraging Grid

We deployed this complex solution in a matter of weeks, for a fraction of their estimated cost, and delivered powerful benefits to support the business.

David Williams
Vice President, IT