Implementation Services

Successful implementations require a great deal of planning, commitment, and strong support from your company’s leadership team.  As a certified implementation partner of, we’re committed to enhancing your organization’s CRM effectiveness by offering a full array of implementation solutions including:’s leading CRM and cloud-computing solutions have thousands of companies around the world effectively managing their customer relationship databases through multiple channels. At Configero, we go above and beyond to ensure that all aspects of your implementation are effectively managed—every step of the process. 

Our Agile Implementation Methodology

Configero’s implementation methodology is designed to enable a successful deployment of A typical Configero implementation lifecycle includes the following phases:

  • Phase I: Launch
  • Phase II: Discover
  • Phase III: Configure
  • Phase IV: Data Quality
  • Phase V: Test
  • Phase VI: Transition
  • Phase VII: Close

By customizing your implementation solution to match your unique business needs, Configero enables your organization to benefit from enhanced effectiveness and greater ROI for your investment. 

To learn more about Configero's implementation services, or to get started today, please contact us.