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SourcingLine published the first release of its consultants Leaders Matrix, naming Configero as “Market Leader” among fourteen other global solution providers and integrators.

Today, SourcingLine published the first release of its consultants Leaders Matrix. The Leaders Matrix ranks each firm based on two critical dimensions: (1) focus and (2) ability to deliver. SourcingLine also published a companion directory of consulting firms, which grants prospective buyers a range of specialized filtering tools to help identify service providers that best fit their needs. 

This particular Leaders Matrix focused on identifying firms with the capacity to improve the sales and marketing process and customize the solution. The top consultants and systems integrators were selected based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative indicators, including: company experience, breadth of knowledge, client references, Salesforce Certifications, industry recognition, and marketing presence.

Of the over fifty firms that participated in SourcingLine’s research, only fourteen consultants and systems integrators were inaugurated into the Leaders Matrix. The firms included are: Configero, Vertiba, Force by Design, Mansa Systems, Cloud Sherpas, QBurst Technologies, Interlinx Associates, Cloud Forward, C5 Insight, AppShark, Strategic Sales Systems, ForceBrain, The Sailor Group, and Business Marketing Tools.

“The dynamism and versatility inherent to the CRM platform can be as advantageous as it is daunting,” asserted Joshua Margolin, Senior Analyst at SourcingLine. “The key to optimal utilization for countless firms is a strong partnership with proficient consultants and systems integrators, and our Leaders Matrix simplifies the process of identifying those partners.” 

SourcingLine will regularly update its research on consultants and encourages other firms to apply. Publication of upcoming Leaders Matrices will highlight the leading and Microsoft Office 365 and OpenText consultants.

About SourcingLine

SourcingLine is a Washington, DC-based research firm focused on IT services. We offer independent, quantitative analysis on leading services firms in support of procurement decisions within small, medium and large enterprises. SourcingLine combines elements of traditional IT research offerings (in-depth evaluations, client reference checks, and proprietary frameworks) with features more common in the business-to-consumer market (no-fee access, real-time updates, and dynamic filtering tools).

About Configero

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Configero is a certified GOLD Cloud Alliance Partner, offering expert consulting services and cloud applications to maximize investments in CRM. Configero provides companies with a full-lifecycle approach to CRM, ensuring results for every department Salesforce touches from sales and marketing to operations and finance. With certified delivery resources throughout the United States, Configero has delivered some of the most successful, innovative cloud deployments for companies across the globe and is one of few cloud consulting providers dedicated to building a roadmap to results and success. 

Companies need a technology partner that offers more than implementation – but rather a clear roadmap to business process improvement. Configero leverages its expertise to deliver a better CRM experience and a path to better business performance.

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