Project Pulse is a 100% native Salesforce Professional Services Application that is specifically designed to address the operational challenges companies face when managing projects and service delivery.

Project Pulse breaks down silos to increase agility, integrating all critical customer life-cycle functions on the platform -- including sales, resource management, delivery of services, billing and financials.  With one clear view of your business operations, you have the data at your fingertips to make faster and better decisions.

We believe that your process should shape your technology, and not the other way around.  To that end, Project Pulse is fully customizable and can easily integrate with outside systems, allowing you to create a bespoke process that supports the way your team works best.

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Highlights of Project Pulse

  • Seamlessly integrates sales, service delivery, resource management and financial operations
  • Personalized role-based solution that enables each user to customize their user experience to increase productivity
  • Powerful predictive KPI indicators to help project managers to deliver projects on-time and on-budget
  • Forecast resource demand based on the sales pipeline
  • Fully utilize resources and measure performance and profitability by business unit, region, project, resource and more.
  • Automation of project billing reduces errors and provides real-time visibility of the value of work performed
  • Recognize and manage revenue as part of the service delivery process, and see profitability at the client and project level. Project Pulse automates the labor-intensive manual processes associated with financial month-end close and provides real-time visibility into the financial health of your service operations.
  • Salesforce 1 mobile app provides team members an easy way to update their work status and log time.

Templates automate the process to create engagements for even the most complex business prcoesses -- allowing you to enforce consistency, best practices, and approval requirements.

Who Should Consider Project Pulse?

Efficiently managing delivery resources is the most important factor in running a profitable services business.  If your company is experiencing any of the following concerns, you could significantly benefit from Project Pulse:

  • Do you have difficulty consistently delivering projects on-time and on-budget?
  • Do you have difficulty with resource planning and project staffing?
  • Are your projects not achieving the desired profitability and margins?
  • Is your current solution inefficient because of too many manual processes?
  • Does your team suffer from poor project collaboration?
  • Does management lack visibility into the quality of service delivery and the financial health of the business?


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