Salesforce Lightning is the future of CRM. Users that transition to the new Lightning experience can expect an improved user experience, a 41 percent increase in productivity, and an ROI of up to 341 percent. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder organizations all over the world are jumping on the Lightning bandwagon.

Unfortunately, many are jumping in head first and realizing that the process isn’t as easy as it seems. Currently, there are more than 1,700 known issues -- errors, incompatibility, and slow performance speed -- reported by admins and users who have made the switch from Classic.

For many, especially larger organizations, the time and effort required to go back and make things right could far exceed the initial cost of upgrading. However, with careful research, planning, and testing, a seamless switch is within reach.

Below, you’ll find three useful tools that can help ensure a successful and painless transition to Salesforce Lightning.

1. Lightning Experience Readiness Check

The Lightning Experience Readiness Check is a great place to start your journey. It gives you a personalized Readiness Report that not only tells you if you’re ready for the Lightning Experience but also serves as a valuable resource of information to strengthen your rollout plan.

Unfortunately, there are a number of limitations inherent to the Salesforce Lightning Experience Readiness Check. It only has access to the metadata in your Salesforce instance, meaning it only evaluates the basic data available around fields, layouts, installed packages, and so on.

Since your Salesforce org is made up of much more than what’s revealed in its metadata, Salesforce’s Lightning Readiness tool is unable to deliver a complete analysis of what is needed to transition from Classic to Lightning successfully.

Salesforce recommends a manual review of your company’s features and customizations not covered by the Readiness Check before rolling out the Lightning Experience to your users.

2. Lightning Experience Visualforce Check


When moving from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience, don't forget about your Visualforce pages. If they contain Javascript, your buttons may not be reflected in Lightning Experience. If your company is using the built-in standard components for your Visualforce pages, their look-and-feel matches Salesforce Classic, even if your users access them in Lightning. For this reason alone, the Visualforce Check is an essential step in your Lightning Transition plan.

3. Configero's Lightning Transition Assessment

While Salesforce’s native tools are useful while crafting a launch strategy, our Lightning experts estimate that the actual number of hours it takes to make the switch is about three to five times more than what Salesforce’s Lightning Experience Readiness Check estimates.

To provide a comprehensive view of your Salesforce org and the effect making the switch to Lightning will have on it, Configero developed a Lightning Transition Assessment that delivers accurate time, budget and resource estimates, with an option to receive a detailed launch roadmap to support your transition to Lightning.

Configero’s purpose-built diagnostic Lightning evaluation offers a detailed analysis of what it will take to enable a seamless switch to Lightning, key considerations and critical items that are typically left out of many companies' Lightning readiness assessments, and a foundational guide to drive proper planning and eventual execution of a Lightning rollout.

Configero also looks at underutilized or inactive fields, layouts, features, etc. that aren't being used and aren't needed so that you start with a clean, streamlined experience when you move to Lightning.

A minimal investment upfront can ensure you're aware of the most common pitfalls associated with the unique aspects of your Salesforce instance related to the new Lightning experience. Configero’s cost-effective solution can help your company decide if you’re truly Lightning-ready, and how to prioritize the steps and actions required to realize the ROI of leveraging the new platform.

Find out about our Lightning Transition and Development service offerings, and discover the unique advantages of our purpose-built Lightning Assessment package by downloading the datasheet below.