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Global Integration Delivers 360-Degree Customer View & C-Level Enterprise Business Intelligence

The Challenge

  • Multiple, disparate systems (including 10 different ERPs and several separate Salesforce instances) being used by different regions resulted in data duplication and process redundancy
  • No single source of truth made it impossible to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and operations
  • Disconnect and gaps between order data and invoice data prevented meaningful intelligent business decision making and revenue predictability

The Solution

  • Leveraged Salesforce to create global data hub that centralized sales and operations data from multiple systems and data warehouses across UK, Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Australia and several US locations
  • Standardized business processes based on best practice framework enabling improved efficiency and enterprise-wide business intelligence
  • Delivered critical C-level reports for new orders and invoice aging, resulting in the ability to manage and predict cash flow for first time ever

“We’ve been trying to improve our working capital for quite a few years now without success…Because of the work done by Configero, I’ve been able to not only deliver those improvements but allow people to drill in on the details associated with that. Just having the baseline ability to track the direction of our data has really pleased the executives at our company.”

-Sally Hirst, Director, Business Engineering at Mirion Technologies


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