Whether you’re just getting started in the Salesforce ecosystem or a seasoned vet, we’ve got webinars to share new ideas and expand your knowledge! Check them out, and we hope to see you there!

Introducing the Lightning-Enhanced Configero Grid   |  Feb 28 @ 1 PM EST

The Configero Grid is an Excel-like overlay for Salesforce that extends the power of the platform by reducing the time and effort needed to manage data. It eliminates excess scrolling and page loads required to display new records – making it a powerhouse sidekick for admins and an adoption tool for users who prefer manipulating data in Excel.

At this webinar, we’ll provide a quick overview of what’s new in the Spring ‘17 release of our Grid, including a tour of the Lightning UI, how to build custom views and apps faster with the Grid Wizard, and new functionality available to streamline your processes.

Additionally, we will showcase some of the creative ways our customers have leveraged the Grid to accelerate their businesses, including:

  • Next-level pipeline management
  • Custom forecasting processes
  • Call center & support efficiency
  • Code-free integrations with 3rd party systems

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Lightning Migration: Is Your Org Ready for the Jolt?  |  Mar 21 @ 1 PM EST

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’ve gotten a peek at Salesforce’s new Lightning Experience. It’s modern, it’s beautiful, and it’s been the at the center of new functionality in the past few Salesforce releases.

In spite of the slick new features, many Salesforce customers have hung back, taking a “wait and see” approach to Lightning. This webinar is designed for those customers and anyone considering moving to Lightning who may be wondering if it’s worth the time and effort to upgrade.

We’ll talk about the practical considerations involved in moving to Lightning, showcase new features, and lessons learned helping our customers make the switch.

Topics covered:

  • Features in Lightning that your users will love
  • Lessons learned & “gotchas”
  • Limitations of Lightning to be aware of
  • How to decide if your company should make the switch
  • Audience examples and Q&A

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5 Ways to Improve Your Forecasting in Salesforce   |   Apr 18 @ 1 PM EST

If you’re part of a growing business, accurate forecasting is critical.

Done right, a forecast is a compass that guides strategic investments, staffng decisions, and sales coaching. But without a well-machined process, it’s an exercise in wishful thinking.

Join us for this webinar to learn key best practices for forecasting, including how to categorize forecasts, measure performance against forecasted values, and get the team engaged in the process.

Topics Covered:

  • Setting & adjusting forecast categories
  • Team members to involve in forecasting
  • Communicating performance & collaborating in real time
  • AppExchange resources to extend capabilities

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