Agenda Builder for Dreamforce went live last week. With over 2400 sessions and activities to schedule, there is a lot to soak in.

Trail Maps [coming soon] are a new feature this year that will help attendees browse offerings by role and industry. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer volume of what Dreamforce has to offer, these are a great place to start.

Several of our team members explored the course offerings yesterday shortly after they were released, and there are 6 key sessions we’re all locking down on our agendas.

1) The Keynotes (of course)

Keynotes are the can’t miss activities of Dreamforce. Most major product announcements, A-list speakers, and surprise guests are featured during the various keynotes.

Word on the street is that Einstein, Salesforce’s in-development artificial intelligence platform, will be a key area of focus during Marc Benioff’s keynote Wednesday at 1 PM Pacific. We’re excited to see what’s in store…

2) Creating a B2B Marketing and Sales Dream Team

With 3 Certified Pardot Consultants on our team, we are geeking out about the recent debut of Engagement Studio and other product enhancements in the Marketing Cloud.

Marketing automation presents huge opportunities for businesses of all sizes to maximize the return on their marketing spend, improve integration with sales, and scale their promotional efforts as the business grows. If you haven’t yet implemented a program (or if you have room for improvement), this and any of the Pardot sessions will be well worth your time.

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3) Mega Lightning Roadmap: Future of Lighting & the Customer Success Platform

Love it or loathe it, Lightning represent a major shift in the Salesforce platform – and if leveraged effectively, it can take usability and efficiency to a whole new level. In the year since the Lightning UI and features have been generally available, we’ve seen a large number of sideline sitters and companies opting to stick with the traditional or “classic” tools. We’re eager to see how Lightning continues to evolve and how its features will contribute to customer success.

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4) Building Apps: A Crash Course for IT Leaders

“Clicks not code” has long been the mantra of Salesforce admins, and the Lightning Process Builder has opened the door to a whole new realm of possibilities in that arena. Customizing the Salesforce platform to your unique business processes/needs is critical for user adoption – and this session will highlight examples and use cases for doing just that.

The Configero Grid is a low cost, proprietary tool that we offer to extend these capabilities even further and help customers develop custom line of business apps – at a fraction of the time and cost traditionally associated with custom development projects. If you’re not familiar with the Grid, learn more about it on the AppExchange or reach out to us about scheduling a demo.

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5) Disruption: How Every Industry is Being Transformed by the Customer

“Disruption” is the perfect word to describe what’s happening in the marketplace. In every industry and every geography, we’re seeing customers become ever more empowered. They’re demanding a new level of service and engagement – and the companies that stand out are the ones that can mobilize to answer that call.

If you haven’t yet explored Salesforce Communities for your business, this session is the perfect way to drip your toe in the water.

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6) Superforecasting for Faster Revenue Growth

The fastest growing companies typically excel at resource planning and revenue predictability. In recent releases, Salesforce has extended the capabilities of its native forecasting capabilities with Collaborative and Customizable Forecasts.

But where the rubber meets the road is where it gets really interesting – so any chance we get, we love hearing how clients are customizing the platform to meet their revenue forecasting needs. At this session, FireEye, RingCentral and Lookout will share their secret sauce and tips for success.

We’re particularly proud of what our customer Catalina Marketing has accomplished with revenue forecasting. They’ve built a custom platform that has resulted in 90% forecast accuracy. [Let us know if you’d like to learn more about their story!]

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What Sessions & Activities are at the Top of Your List?

We’d love to hear from you – what are the can’t miss items on your agenda this year? What areas or business challenges are top of mind as you head to Dreamforce? Let us know in the comments!