To Do New Year

It’s a brand new year, full of brand new possibilities!  

Around this time of the year, many of us reflect on opportunities for improvement -- whether that be to better our health, family life, career, or company performance.

If you’re a Salesforce Admin looking to ring in the new year with a change, here are 7 ideas on how you can up your game:

1. Get Your Cert On

Many admins we work with are self-taught, managing their orgs with Google and lots of elbow grease.  I have so much respect for those that manage to do this.  

Get recognized for that hard earned knowledge, and take one (or more) of the certification exams!  I highly recommend Certified On Demand as a resource to prep along with Trailhead.  And of course, Salesforce offers paid training courses on an ongoing basis as well.

2. Catch up on release notes

With the hustle and bustle of “business as usual,” it’s easy to fall behind on changes and new features added.  Make time for a quick refresh and skim the highlights from the last round of releases:

3. Clean the closet

It’s easy for “stuff” to accumulate in a Salesforce org - like that junk drawer in the kitchen, or the back corner of your closet.

Do a quick audit and see what can be pruned.  Are there legacy custom fields that aren’t being utilized?  Page layouts that can be pared down?  Installed packages from the AppExchange that didn’t stick?  Outdated reports?  Dashboards that haven’t been run in months? Clean house!

4. Get a Health Check

An extra set of eyes on your org can help you identify new opportunities and low hanging fruit to improve.

Sign up for a free Salesforce Health Check, and we’ll put one of our #awesomeadmins on the task!  They’ll review your current setup and offer suggestions on things like process improvement, adoption, data quality, and more.

5. Explore a new cloud

With Salesforce’s fiscal year ending January 31, this is a fantastic time to score great deals on additional products.  Are there other business functions you could move to Salesforce and streamline?  Would Wave Analytics or Pardot Marketing Automation add value to your users?

Talk to your AE to get a demo scheduled and see what they’re willing to do on pricing.

6. Connect with a fellow admin

There’s nothing like having a Salesforce buddy to kick ideas around with when you’re exploring a new use case or stuck on a problem.  The Success Community and local User Groups are great places to find like-minded individuals in similar industries.  (Or reach out to us -- Configero is happy to play Admin matchmaker!)

7. Give back

As part of its 1-1-1 commitment, Salesforce often gives away or deeply discounts its products for non-profits. Many of these organizations could use some help from an admin to unlock the full power of the platform. By lending a hand, you can make a real impact, grow your network, and deepen your skillset.

Or better yet -- volunteer to teach admin skills at a women’s shelter or job center, and spread the Salesforce bug!

Make 2017 your best year yet!

Carve out some time for one of these resolutions or a new project in Q1.  Need some help prioritizing what to take on in Salesforce?

Request a free 2017 Roadmap Development Session and we’re happy to help!

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