At Configero, our customers are at the heart of what we do, and our focus is always on driving their success on the Salesforce platform. Recently, one of our clients, Brown Integrated Logistics, the Southeast's leader in transportation services for over 40 years, was interviewed by the analysts at Clutch, a B2B ratings platform that helps companies find the best service providers for their needs, and shared their experience about working with the Configero team and the impact Salesforce has had on their business.

"Salesforce led us to Configero. At the time, they had a history of dealing with transportation. When we were describing what we needed, it was not completely foreign to them, and we didn't have to describe the trucking industry to them."

Configero began working with Brown Integrated Logistics in 2018 to address limitations with visibility into their sales activity and results, and developed a custom pricing request tool in Salesforce Sales Cloud to improve efficiency and automate critical processes like rate confirmation, document approvals, and storage management. Doug Riesberg, VP of Marketing & Sales at Brown Trucking, left the following review on Clutch:

Check out highlights from Doug's interview below, or read theirs and other customer reviews on the Clutch web site:


"Previously, there was very little visibility of sales activities and results.  We needed a CRM to add visibility and have a tool that would better enable us to effectively manage the sales team. We needed a better way to determine what they are doing each day in terms of activities, have an accurate view of our pipeline, measure how effective they are with closing deals, and also have a better way to measure results.  We also needed a pricing request tool, which we created with the help of Salesforce and Configero, to use for all customer rate requests.  All requests for pricing/rates start and end with this tool which helped control document integrity. It also automated the rate confirmation and contract document signing and storage processes."


"The pricing request process of salespeople within the company had been very manual and involved a lot of emails back and forth, manual document imaging, and document integrity was an issue. We sign contracts on a very regular basis with customers, and the control of the documents needed improvement.  With Salesforce, in coordination with DocuSign, Configero was able to create a tool within Salesforce to tighten up our processes.  It's now very efficient and effective. All pricing requests are stored for each customer, and all associated signed rate agreements and other contract documents can be accessed with ease.  In addition, all internal communication regarding individual pricing requests is stored as well. We can immediately research customers and review the history of any account and review past pricing decisions."


"For what we've asked them to do, it has been very cost-effective.  Long-term, it will save us countless hours and prevent numerous errors. The ROI is hard to quantify in some areas, but just with automating document imaging processes, we will see an immediate return that will justify the expense in well under one year.  There are countless other benefits that we will derive from establishing accurate customer lists, customer contact information, and having the ability to view historical information about each account with the existing sales team and especially for new employees in the future who won’t have to start from zero.

They've been able to do exactly what we've asked of them. Since we've only been up and running recently, I've just started to keep track of sales calls and customers' pricing requests they enter, the revenue growth, and the addition of new customers. There are no metrics for win percentages yet, but that will be coming along with many other KPIs.

We had very little visibility into what salespeople were doing on a day to day basis. We manage people by results, but if the results aren't there, we want to take a look at the activities. They did a nice job of accommodating our company's needs, especially with the pricing request tool. It was a complicated piece we were able to get up and running in a very short amount of time, especially since it was an entirely home-built process and program within Salesforce. It wasn't a small project by any means."


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