At Configero, we offer a full range of implementation, training, and support services. Our distinct style of passion, thoughtfulness, and delivery excellence produces a roadmap to results and success. We are excited that our emphasis on quality led us to be awarded a Clutch Global Leader Award in CRM Consulting!

Clutch, a ratings platform for B2B service providers, helps companies buyers find the best B2B companies for their needs. Clutch ranks and reviews B2B companies like Configero, basing the ranking on market presence, types of clientele, and customer feedback. Clutch analysts even conducted phone interviews with some of our clients! They took our client feedback into account when giving us a Global Leader Award in CRM Consulting.

One of our marquee clients, Mirion Technologies, has worked with Configero over several years on a variety of digital transformation and system integration projects, including automating complex quoting and forecasting processes. Their Director of Business Engineering left the following review on Clutch:

This client also noted that:


“The data consolidation and processing infrastructure built by Configero has added tremendous value to the operations of their client, allowing them to achieve long-needed process improvements and increase efficiency. Their team is organized and proactive in providing progress reports.

I really feel like we’re on the same team. Configero has stepped up to the plate on every deadline, no matter how much we put the pedal to the metal, and we really appreciate the commitment to our success that they’ve demonstrated. They do a fantastic job.” -Director, Business Process Engineering


Another website, The Manifest, increases brand awareness for B2B companies like Configero. Prospective clients can go to The Manifest to get a sense for our former clients and notable projects. Check it out!

Visual Objects is a website that allows users to browse portfolios of B2B companies. Configero is listed on Visual Objects as well! Check out our CRM Consulting capabilities on Visual Objects.

A recent survey found that 90% of B2B leaders say customer experience is crucial to their companies’ strategic priorities. B2B customer experience includes creating a personalized experience and building lasting relationships while providing convenient, digital solutions. At Configero, our emphasis is on quality and lasting relationships. We prioritize customer experience for all of our clients, which means being responsive, knowledgeable, on-time, and high-quality at all times.

We are excited that our hardwork has paid off. Thank you to Clutch for presenting us with a Global Leader Award in CRM Consulting!

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