fullforce specialization badge

We’re excited to announce that Configero has earned the Forecasting Specialist designation in Salesforce’s Fullforce Masters Program!  With an explosion of consultants in the ecosystem, the Fullforce Masters Program recognizes the most seasoned firms with a track record of successful projects — validated by a survey administered directly by Salesforce.

By providing an objective measure of partners’ strongest capabilities, customers can be confident in who they choose to help them accelerate success on the Salesforce platform.

Our Custom Solutions in Forecasting

There are two versions of forecasting tools available in Sales Cloud today: 1) Customizable Forecasting, and 2) Collaborative Forecasting.

If your process can fit one of the two out-of-the-box Salesforce options, great – but this isn’t usually the case. In our experience, most organizations with a disciplined approach to forecasting run into limitations in the system and many end up managing it in Excel.

We believe your process should shape your technology — and that you shouldn’t have to compromise your process to fit the tool.   We help companies build custom, flexible forecasting apps to fit their unique process.  And best of all, they’re 100% native and keep your team working right out of Salesforce!

Want to Learn More about Forecasting in Salesforce?

Have a question, goal, or use case in mind?  Let us know – we’re always hungry for a challenge!  

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