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Keller Williams Streamlines Support for Five Business Units on Service Cloud Lightning

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The Challenge

  • Keller Williams was a customer for 7 years and had grown accustomed to the functionality limitations and relying on workarounds to get things done
  • Multiple groups using (5) separate instances of with multiple data loads pulling from various units
  • Excessive use of labels, filters, and macros to manage tracking and routing to groups

The Solution

  • Configero deployed single, unified instance of Service Cloud Lightning with advanced permission sets and security profiles to manage support groups, including: KW International, Legal, Security, Finance and KW Worldwide
  • Migrated select case data for all groups from orgs to align with consolidated Service Cloud groups/profiles
  • Rolled out Lightning Knowledge for help centers and Service Cloud Lightning Reports & Dashboards for more meaningful agent performance monitoring and coaching
Case Management Functionality in Service Cloud Console

Salesforce Knowledge

Service Cloud Lightning Reports & Dashboards


full-time agents


weeks to launch

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