In case you missed this week’s AppExchange Digest from, check out our brand new, highly anticipated apps getting rave reviews from Salesforce administrators and users across the globe.

Grid for Salesforce gives users the power to dynamically search, filter and update thousands of records in a single intuitive screen without ever leaving the tool. Now, instead of scrolling through page views of 200 records at a time or manually updating records one by one, you can quickly pull bulk records by multiple fields, and execute business processes across up to 50,000 records in seconds! 

Grid Customer Reviews:

  • “What used to take me several hours only takes me a few minutes now…”
  • “Let me put it this way, the difference between the native SFDC solution (List View or Report) and this tool is comparable to the difference between DOS3.0 and Apple IOS 6.”
  • “The Grid is an absolute game changer for Salesforce…Within 1 day, I had amended over 30,000 records that contained errors in my database. I subscribe to Salesforce Premier Support and they didn’t have a solution to my problem.”

miniGRID for Related Lists addresses limitations with standard related list views within SF that hamper users’ ability to see full, complete lists, forcing them to click through multiple pages to see all records in a list and limiting editing capability for large lists.

miniGRID Customer Reviews:

  • A genius tool, save users 80% time to look up/report/maintain data & help admin to automate processes.”
  • “The miniGRID allows our users to work smarter by being able to view all records in a related list instead of just 5-10 records. They can also sort, filter and mass update records in related lists. Great functionality for the price!”
  • “A simple & affordable app provides all functions that you need to manage related lists…the user interface is very intuitive and stylish and the provider also provides outstanding customer support.”

Give Users Back Hours in Their DayDownload a free 14-day trial today and schedule a 10-minute demo to find out how to customize the Grid to your unique processes.