Salesforce has dubbed its Lightning Experience, “The Future of CRM,” with the promise of improving your user experience, boosting your productivity, optimizing your operations, and build apps at lightning speed. It’s no wonder you’re excited about making the switch. But you may be wondering exactly what it will take to successfully turn on the Lightning experience for your company.

Before you dive headfirst into making the transition, it’s important to invest your time upfront by creating a robust, actionable plan. If you’re unsure of where to start, we can help.

Tackling a Lightning evaluation and migration alone can be overwhelming and complex. However, upgrading to Salesforce Lightning doesn’t have to be painful. As a Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner with a decade of experience, Configero offers a comprehensive assessment to support a smooth transition from Classic to Lightning.

Our purpose-built diagnostic and Lightning evaluation helps companies determine what it will take to be Lightning-ready based on the unique nuances of their current org setup.

What’s Included in the Lightning Transition Assessment Model?

Configero offers a phased approach to launching Salesforce Lightning, beginning with a critical in-depth assessment of the level of effort and time required to make the switch, which includes:

  • A detailed analysis of the features and functionality enabled in your Salesforce org as they relate to Lightning compatibility
  • Key considerations and critical items that are typically left out of Lightning readiness assessments which can lead to significant performance issues
  • A detailed document that serves as the foundation for an effective transition project with next-step guidance for further investigation
  • An informed estimate of the time, budget and resources needed to ensure a successful, painless transition for your organization

After an initial assessment, Configero's Lightning experts conduct a deeper dive before executing the launch to ensure accelerated adoption and value for your company's users, which includes:

  • Building a roadmap to adopt new features of Lightning including the Design System, App Builder, and Lightning Components
  • Customizing analytics and dashboards to take advantage of new and improved reporting capabilities
  • User training and readiness to introduce teams to the new features and functionality available to them

Configero’s Lightning Transition Assessment is the fastest and most cost-effective solution on the market, delivering a wealth of value and insight to Salesforce users looking to make the switch to Lightning in just one week. Learn more. 

Who Will Benefit Most from The Lightning Transition Assessment Model?

The Lightning Transition Assessment Model is especially beneficial to Salesforce customers with the following characteristics:

  • complex Salesforce orgs with lots of customizations
  • multiple Salesforce instances across different regions/business units/departments
  • have been on the Salesforce platform for more than 3 years
  • have had various system admins and/or Salesforce partners working on their org
  • have multiple AppExchange packages installed

These scenarios can easily create a wide diversity of issues when transitioning to the Salesforce Lightning Experience. If any of the above applies to you, it’s vital that you take a closer look at your Salesforce readiness prior to pulling the trigger on Lightning.

But Doesn’t the Salesforce Lightning Experience Readiness Check Tell Me Everything I Need to Know?

The Salesforce Lightning Experience Readiness Check is a great first step in determining Lightning readiness. In fact, it’s one of the three most valuable tools at your disposal when creating a Salesforce Lightning transition strategy. Unfortunately, it is far from a comprehensive solution.

Salesforce’s tool relies solely on the metadata within your Salesforce org, which significantly limits its capabilities. Your Readiness Report will only include the things within your Salesforce org that Salesforce knows for a fact are not compatible with the Lightning UX, such as Javascript or other types of custom buttons. However, it will not include a large number of other features that could potentially create issues and errors within the Lightning Experience.

What Are the Risks Associated with Transitioning to the Salesforce Lighting Experience Before You’re Ready?

You don’t know what you don’t know. There are many risks associated with migrating to Lightning if you’re unaware of what to look for and how to anticipate compatibility areas that might arise. Currently, there are more than 1,700 known issues reported by admins and users who have made the switch from Classic. Many are discovering errors, incompatibility, and slow performance speed.

Improper planning could affect multiple users, teams, departments, processes, business units, etc. and the effort and time required to go back and make things right could far exceed the initial cost of migration.

With new known issues being discovered daily by the Salesforce community, why not make a minimal investment upfront to ensure you're aware of the most common pitfalls associated with your specific Salesforce instance? Learn more.

Are the Readiness Check Estimates Accurate?

We estimate that the actual number of hours it takes to migrate to Lightning is about three to five times more than what Salesforce’s Lightning Experience Readiness Check estimates. By employing the Lightning Transition Assessment Model, you’ll get a more accurate and detailed assessment of what needs to be done and how much time and resources you need to budget for the project. You can then make an informed decision on how to prioritize your transition against other initiatives to ensure your rollout is thoughtful and well executed.


Are you ready to drive your Lightning transition forward? Learn more about Configero’s Lightning Transition Assessment.