Project Pulse is a native, enterprise-scale professional services automation application that optimizes resource utilization and revenue management, delivering a birds-eye view of the complete project lifecycle, from sales to delivery to finance. With built-in revenue forecasting, organizations can recognize and manage profits regardless of the volume and complexity of service engagements and keep their finger on the pulse of their performance in real-time.


Resource Management

  • Create accurate, complete project plans (embeds best practices with templates
  • Link sales demand with resource availability for unparalleled forecasting and utilization across skill set, location, experience and contribution level
  • Manage and track every step of the project lifecycle with powerful planning, scheduling, time/expense, workflow, and collaboration features in one intuitive interface to power up your projects from start to finish
  • Complete visibility into sales pipeline for improved resource planning and allocation
  • Improve collaboration across managers, teams, resources, external partners and more with social features and knowledge-sharing

Revenue Management

  • Eliminate time-consuming, burdensome spreadsheet calculations for revenue filings with real-time visibility into the revenue stream and supports multiple billing models
  • Recognize and manage revenue as part of the service delivery process, not just within finance/accounting silos
  • Rollup revenue stream to any user-defined grouping or hierarchy

Revenue Forecasting

  • Recognize revenue across the project lifecycle, not just when the project closes for more accurate future predictions and forecasting
  • Calculate revenue more quickly and seamlessly regardless of billing method
  • Forecast revenue view provides management operational visibility for critical decision making and investing