Salesforce has proven its application and value across a broad range of industries, with their open platform and scalability bringing new opportunities to digitally transform the way companies operate regardless of the systems they were built on. One area that has seen huge strides is the industrial sector, where legacy systems are being replaced by or connected to modern technology like Salesforce to automate business processes and increase visibility into critical operations.

Mohan Perumal, VP of Information Technology for Delta Material Services, oversees all systems, processes and operational excellence for the organization and recently sat down to share how they're leveraging Salesforce to centralize customer and product information and streamline the quoting and pricing cycle. Delta Material Services has a unique business model that touches aviation, procurement, equipment, and distribution -- they buy used and surplus aircraft, engines and parts and then trades, sells or leases them through a global supplier network, making them one of the largest and most active inventory of used serviceable materials in the industry.

VIDEO: Delta Material Services Increases Sales 8X with Salesforce

By partnering with Configero to integrate their existing ERP system, SAP, with Salesforce, they have transformed the way they do business, impacting quality management, IT ticketing, sales and service. Watch the video to hear Mohan talk about how this integration and the expertise from Configero's team enabled them to see a 8X increase in sales in the first year alone.

Configero specializes in implementing and customizing Salesforce for unique and complex business models, focusing on enabling solutions to common challenges like the ones DMS faced:

  • Sales process was inefficient in SAP with multiple steps and pages involved in searching for parts, accessing maintenance information and pricing history
  • Lengthy quoting cycles due to reps going back and forth between multiple systems
  • Repair process for in-demand parts was reactive, causing delays in getting parts available to sell
  • Acquiring parts was manual and inefficient, with acquisition team using spreadsheets to search for parts, tracks their searches and log purchases
  • Accessing extensive parts documentation was handled in separate content management system, resulting in cumbersome process to get information required for quotes

This is just one example of how Salesforce is modernizing the industrial business landscape - Configero works with related organizations like construction and manufacturing to maximize investments in legacy systems and automate business processes like inventory/parts management, quoting and pricing, supplier relations and more.