11Alive News recently ran a feature on the opening of MUST Ministries' 35th food pantry, which is just one of countless initiatives Configero has enabled by enhancing and extending the capabilities of their Salesforce platform.

VIDEO: 11Alive Feature on MUST Ministries

By launching new features and functionality to enable electronic participant data collection, program enrollment, volunteer and donor management, and inventory management, Configero's work touches 7 key initiatives core to MUST Ministries' mission, including:

  • Program Services
  • Volunteers
  • Employment Services
  • Summer Lunch
  • Toy Shop
  • Warehousing
  • Neighborhood Pantry expansion

Their optimized Salesforce org enables them to provide improved services to their clients, increased visibility of key metrics and improving cost efficiency across the board.

This type of transformation is not possible without Salesforce technology, and is an awesome story that illustrates the value of great partners like Configero who work to bring the power of the platform to life.

This is just one example of how Salesforce is modernizing the nonprofit landscape - Configero has helped several leading nonprofit organizations tap into the power of CRM to drive their missions forward. Click here to find out more about our nonprofit experience on Salesforce.