AND not OR

From time to time, we hear the question “should I use Sales Cloud or Service Cloud for my business?”

The answer?  BOTH!  Like peanut butter and jelly, these two products work best when paired together.

Aligning Sales & Service

Sales needs to know what’s going on in Service – and if they don’t, it can make for some awkward conversations and communication misses.  Like trying to upsell a customer that has a pile of open tickets in front of your support team.  Or asking, “how’s that product working out for ya?” when a quick check with customer service would show they’ve reported a delayed shipment.

Service can benefit from having a line of sight to Sales as well.  The visibility can help level set expectations for service level agreements, show the customer lifetime value and growth potential to front line agents, and more. 

It’s a beautiful thing when you can get your organization aligned around one system, and one single version of the truth!

Key Features of Service Cloud to Know

Sales and Service Cloud have the same basic user interface, and you can have licenses for both active in the same Salesforce org.  Service cases are available in Sales Cloud out-of-the-box, but actual Service Cloud licenses build on the available functionality with features like:

  • Agent Console – an easy-to-use view for taking and making calls (with CTI integration!)
  • Call Center Analytics & Dashboards
  • Salesforce Knowledge
  • Entitlements & service level agreements
  • Social Customer Service
  • Live Agent chat functionality

Could Your Organization Benefit from Service Cloud?

We’re seeing an explosion of devices and “always on” digital communication norms.  Sales and marketing are certainly impacted, and so has customer service. 

Expectations have escalated — and today’s customers want faster, more responsive service across every channel. They want service on any device, and they want it now.

If you’re considering an investment in Service Cloud, join us for our July webinar, “Amplifying Your CRM Investment with Service Cloud.”

We’ll walk through examples of how other customers have used Service Cloud to drive sales and service alignment and to improve their return on technology spend.  We’ll also highlight the fundamentals of Service Cloud and share tools to unlock the power of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud when used together.

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