Our team members are passionate about helping our clients succeed on the Salesforce platform.  Some of them you may “know” from their blogs and activity in the Success Community – even if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet them in person yet.

To virtually introduce more of these experts, we’ll be sharing a monthly team member spotlight highlighting their roles and background.

This month, we interviewed Richard Gordon, a Senior Developer and our newest addition to the team. Read on to learn more about the work he does with our clients and what makes him tick!

Name & Title:

Richard Gordon, Senior Developer

About Your Role at Configero:

I am a Senior Developer with 10 years of Salesforce experience and very deep experience doing integrations and data migrations involving SAP, Workday, SuccessFactors, and various other enterprise solutions. Aside from Apex and Visualforce, my skill set includes Python, Ruby, Java, and C# programming, as well as usage of Amazon Web Services, Heroku, and Azure Cloud platforms.

What Attracted You to Configero:

Configero is run by some excellent people with whom I have worked and have known for over a decade. All are honest, competent, and hard-working folks who want to succeed.


I have been married to the same woman for a long, long time. We have two adult children: my son lives in Brisbane, Australia, and my daughter lives here in Atlanta. I also have been blessed with a 2 year old grandson who is an AustralMerican and is projected to be the size of a Viking once he is grown!


University of Georgia, B.B.A.

University of Georgia, J.D.


Atlanta, GA

Last Book Read:

My System, Aron Nimzowitsch (a chess book)

Favorite Film:

No Country For Old Men

First Job:

Trial lawyer for 15 years, mostly construction litigation. Got tired of that and went into telecom startup overseeing/doing tech, made some money at that, then sold company and went into pure tech in 1998.

The one Salesforce product I’d bring to a desert island:

The Configero Grid, obviously. 🙂

Most meaningful accomplishment, professional or personal:

Aside from family, making some really good market calls just before the Great Recession happened. Those did not necessarily make money, but they saved us from a lot of blood spilling.

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