Jody Hamlett, President & CEO


Growing a loyal base of employees, customers, and partners is something that all organizations strive for.  How does your organization stand apart from the competition to achieve this?  How do you service, reward, engage and inspire your community in a way that drives business and financial results?

Salesforce Community Cloud provides an easy-to-use, integrated platform to take this area of service to the next level. We covered this in a webinar highlighting key functionality, best practices to consider, and real life examples of how businesses can leverage this to differentiate and get ahead.

Topics Covered:

  • Different types of Communities to consider
  • Best practices for launching a Community
  • Functionality to consider for your Community
  • Building with “clicks not code” using Lightning Bolt
  • Examples of companies using Community Cloud to crush the competition


  • Company Owners
  • Service & Sales Leaders
  • Salesforce administrators