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The Configero Grid is now better than ever – and equipped with an exciting new User Interface that makes the app faster, easier to use, and matches the improved Lightning design styles in Salesforce. 

Whether you’re an existing customer or new to the Grid, you won’t want to miss this!

About the Configero Grid

If you’re unfamiliar the Grid, here’s the elevator pitch:

The Configero Grid is an Excel-like overlay for Salesforce that extends the power of the platform by reducing the time and effort needed to manage data.  It eliminates excess scrolling and page loads required to display new records – making it a powerhouse sidekick for admins and an adoption tool for users who prefer manipulating data in Excel. The Grid is highly customizable, allowing you to format and display things in a way that fits your business’s unique processes and needs.

(Want to see it in action? Check out our overview video.)

What’s in the New Release

1. New User Interface

Some of the key improvements include:

  • A better use of the screen real estate
  • Clearer buttons and actions
  • A streamlined toolbar
  • An easier to read results panel
  • Lightning styled page layouts

the configero grid lightning ui

2. Grid Wizard

You asked for it and we delivered! You can now easily create custom Grids with our easy-to-use wizard. Find the new Grid Wizard tab in the application and easily create new Grids with just points & clicks.

Some of the options in the Grid Wizard include:

  • Specific objects in the selector and object defaults
  • Hide/show the buttons you need
  • Create custom property panel tabs for specific objects
  • Load default column templates
  • Prevent mass editing or deleting of records

For more information on using the Grid Wizard, please contact us or consult the Grid User Guide.

3. Related Object Fields in the Grid

You can now add fields from parent objects in the Grid, without needing to create custom formula fields. Just open up the column picker and navigate the hierarchy and add any fields you want!

4. Manage Opportunity Products in the Grid

You can now add Opportunity Products directly in the Grid, including choosing a Pricebook.

5. Chatter Feed on Campaign Members

Manage Campaign Members on the Grid, and log Tasks and Events through Chatter actions.

6. MiniGRID

The new miniGRID inherits all of the benefits of the Grid updates, including the new UI and column picker.

7. Additional Improvements

  • Added a Configero Grid Permission Set to help granting proper access to the Grid
  • Opportunity Contact Roles can now be edited and added in the Grid
  • Create new Contacts directly in the Contact Roles tab
  • Cancel long queries. If a query is taking too long and you need to filter it more. just hit the cancel button and edit the Query Panel
  • Filter columns for blank values. Easily find any record with blank fields.
  • Query Panel now supports the OR (||) operator on text fields

Example: If you need to look for Accounts with LLC lr Ltd in the name, simply type  LLC||ltd in the Account Name search parameter in the Query Panel

Want to Learn More About the Configero Grid?

If you’re a current customer, be sure to download the full release notes and reach out with any questions.

New to the Grid?  Get in touch, or download a free trial and take it for a spin! 


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